What Should I Look For in a Sleep Dentist?

(1) Exclusive Focus on Sleep Disorders

While most dentists treat a broad range of conditions, the numerous causes and constantly emerging treatments for sleep disorders require an exclusive focus to provide comprehensive, up-to-date sleep therapies.

(2) Close Working Relationships with Sleep Physicians

There are numerous known and still unknown causes of sleep disorders.  Don’t be sold by a single “magic bullet” treatment or appliance.  Sleep disorders require unified dental and medical diagnosis, treatment and ongoing monitoring of your condition.

(3) Involvement in Ongoing Sleep Research

New causes and new treatments are being suggested constantly, some worthwhile and others not.  Only a dentist who documents and presents his case experience to his peers engaged in sleep research can bring the latest developments to bear on your treatment.

Dr. Phil Archer is such a sleep dentist.  Dr. Archer, a Tulsa dentist since 1971, is dedicated to helping Oklahomans who suffer from sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and excessive snoring. He is member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Dr Archer offers the broadest range of solutions to your sleep disorders, from dental treatments and appliances to therapies provided jointly with the state’s preeminent sleep medicine physicians.  His practice makes the latest treatments available to Oklahomans through his ongoing clinical research conducted with sleep dentists and physicians across the country.

If you or your bed partner think you may have a sleep disorder, call Dr Archer at (918) 938-6161 for a free consultation.